I think we can all relate to that insatiable itch that we cannot quite reach.  Similar to humans, elephants also get itches they cannot reach with their trunk, tusks or legs; which need satisfying!

To relieve an itch, elephants use stumps, rocks, trees and termite mounds.  Often when you are in the bush you will see one of these, looking well-polished from regular use by elephants.

Like all animals, elephants need regular grooming and cleaning. Whether that is taking a mudbath, sandbath or a swim.  This grooming and cleaning helps to remove insects and parasites, such as ticks and flies, which can be the cause of a good itch.

It is funny to watch an elephant rub itself on all angles on an object to alleviate a good itch.  As humans, we can relate to this – it is the same as us rubbing our back on a door frame.

Clearly, in this video, this rock in Amboseli National Park was a favourite location for scratching, with multiple elephants utilising. The elephant started moving from side to side, scratching the side of his belly and underbelly.

Who would have thought that a rock can give an elephant so much relief and satisfaction.